14 Of The Hardest Would You Rather Stoner Questions You’ll Ever Answer

It’s the holidaze y’all! Time to celebrate! Reign in the new stoner year and burn behind the year of old. We live in revolutionary times for marijuana and we really need to breathe it all in before Trump decides to take it all away. In the spirit of what I consider my Christmas, we have put together a fun set of Would You Rather Questions that will surely take you hours to answer if you have a joint in hand.

Who Would You Rather Smoke With?

Snoop Dogg reportedly smokes about 81 blunts a day A DAY!! Wiz smokes about 80 joints a day, so I guess it comes down to 80 blunts vs. 80 joints. You decide...

Would You Rather Watch Pineapple Express or Harold and Kumar?

Guaranteed laughs all around. Which one can you quote the best? My choice here is Pineapple Express I could be James Franco biased though.

Would You Rather Smoke In Jamaica or Amsterdam?

Rolling one up and smoking on the beaches of Jamaica is a lot of stoner’s dreams. But what about smoking freely around the streets and cafes of Amsterdam? They’re both a specific kind of freedom. This is a tough one.