11 Real Life “Barbie Dolls” You Did Not Think Existed In Real Life

You hear about cases all the time of people feeling like they were born in the wrong body. This is more common among those who consider themselves of the wrong gender. But what of those who feel like they were meant to be born for the body of someone, or in this case something, else?
Daily Mail
I am referring to the people who go through obscene measures of plastic surgery to look like someone they idolize. In this particular case, it’s not a person, but a doll. A Barbie doll to be exact.
Daily Mail
We have written about the Ken and Barbie of France, a couple so obsessed with living a doll like life, collectively they spent about $192,000 in plastic surgeries. But they are not the only ones, in fact there’s a whole group of women who have spent around the same to look like Barbie herself. We narrowed it down to the top 10 rated in order of who nailed it and who absolutely wasted their money.
New York Daily News