10 Celebrities Who Actually ‘Did It’ For Real On The Big Screen

Tom Cruise


While this incident wasn't confirmed by the actors involved, "Risky Business" is known for its sexy behind-the-scenes controversy. During the train scene where Tom Cruise and then real-life girlfriend Rebecca De Mornay, it was rumored that their hot-and-heavy romp was more reality than fiction. While the most high profile on this list, it certainly isn't the wildest - that honor belongs to another famous actor coming up...

Ken Park


"Ken Park" stars in one of the most taboo sex scenes in the history of cinema. The Larry Clark film proudly showcases the affair between a man and his girlfriend's mother in all its awkward, real glory. The movie was so graphic in its depiction of real sexual intercourse that it's been banned from Australia to this very day. Yet, it's not the craziest on this list...